Pamper Yourself Choose The Pedicure You Would Like
We use new files, buffer, pumice bar & liner for the spa chair for EACH service we provide.
All pedicure packages include hot stone massage and warm towels wrap

Spa Pedicure $33

Have a relaxing moment on a spa pedicure chair with a massage on the back. After soaking your feet - the nails are shaped, cuticles are trimmed, and your calluses are treated. We apply the sugar scrub to take off the dead skin on your feet. A relaxing of warm stone massage to relieve your tired, aching feet! Follows with a warm towel, choice of polish.

Gel Polish Pedicure $45

The same Spa Pedicure, instead of applying regular nail polish we apply a Gel Polish that dries under LED or UV light. You will have a perfect color last on your toe nails for two weeks or more with no chipping, high gloss shine and no worry about messing up your color after your pedicure is finished. You can put your feet back in your shoes right away.

Nu Pedicure $45

Gel polish add on $10

The producs used for the Nu pedicure are natural herbs. A combination of twenty-one herbs for a soothing and relaxing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin. This product is great for treating dry, rough and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition.

Deluxe Pedicure $45

*Gel polish add on: $10

Pamper yourself with SMARTPODS' 4-step Deluxe pedicure, which will relax your leg muscles, mind, and body.”

The service includes spa pedicure services, along with:
+ Fresh soak
+ Sugar scrub
+ Moisture mask on the legs with warm towels
+ Luxury lotion massage with hot stones
We offer four different scents for you to choose from: Lavender Verbena, Peach Bellini, Lemongrass Ginger, and Revitalizing Zen.

Hot Wax Paraffin Pedicure $50

Gel polish add on: $10

Spa pedicure plus sugar scrub, soothing mud mask, gentle exfoliation on your calves & feet. After that, we apply hot wax paraffin. Returning your skin to a soft, smooth, healthy looking condition and enjoy a longer foot massage with hot stones. Finish with your choice of polish.



All manicure packages included massage and a warm towel wrapped

Basic Manicure $25

After taking off your old color on your nails, we shape your nail as you like. Soaking your nails in warm water, trim your cuticles. A relaxing hand massage follows with a warm towel. You choose your nail color ... and depart relaxed and pampered with beautiful nail!

Gel Polish Manicure $35

To have the perfect color last on your nails for two week with no chipping, high gloss shine and no worry about messing up your color after your manicure is finished. Purchase the Gel Polish Manicure. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Dipping Gel Powder Manicure $45

*Extension nail : $55+

Dipping gel powder manicure is the new technique to make your real nail feel tronger without damage your nature nail underneath.It is good for someone have weak or broken nail. You can chose dipping gel powder color or cleargel powder and apply gel polish at last.

Nu Manicure $35
Deluxe Manicure $35
Hot Wax Paraffin Manicure $40
*Gel polish add on $10

“ Treat yourself to get these manicure to keep your nail healthy look & lovely appearance


For special occasions, birthday party or just enjoy quality mommy-daughter time while you both indulge in spa manicures and pedicures.

Princess Pedicure $25
Princess Manicure $15
Princess Gel Polish Pedicure $35
Princess Gel Polish Manicure $25
Princess Toes Nail Polish Change $12
Toes Nail Gel Polish Change $25
Princess Hand Nail Polihes Change $10
Hand Nail Gel Polihes Change $20

Your princess also get two nails design free!


Acrylic New Set $40
Color Acrylic Powder New Se $50
Acrylic New Set With Gel Polish $50
*The line of the nail longer than 1.5 in add: $5 - $20 (consult with your nail tech)
*Coffin, Oval, Almond, Pointy Nail Shape add $5
*Take off nails & re-do a new set add $5 +
Acrylic Refill $30
Acrylic Refill with Gel Polishes $40
*Acrylic fill with change different shape add $5
Pre white tip new set (with gel top) $55
Pink And White, Glitter Acrylic New Set $60 +
Back fill pink & white, glitter acrylic $50 +


*Real nail $50
*Extension nail $60 +
*Refill $50 +
*Ombre additional $10
GEL X EXTENSION (Press on nail) $65

Gel X extension is press on nail. It can make your real nail have a line for special occasions without damage your naturenail underneath. It is good for someone have weak or broken nail. You can chose Gel X extension nail to protect your real nail underneath to grow.


French Tip $5 - $25
Nail Repair With Fill $3
Nail Repair Without Fill $5 - $10
Take off Acrylic, Dip, Hybrid, Gel X $20
Take of gel polish without service $10
Two nails design $5 +
Nail Design 3-D $5 +
*Rhinestone: (consult with your nail tech) Ombre glitter or color $10
Chrome, Foil, Mirror, Holograph Powder Finished Two Nails $5
*All ten nail $15
Hands - Nail Polish Change $15
Toes Nail Polishes Change $17
Hands - Nail Gel Polish Change $25
Toes Nail Gel Polish Change $30


Lip or Forehead $10
Eyebrows $16
Chin $10
Sideburns $10
Eyebrow+Lip+Chin $35
Full Face $40 +
Under Arms $20 +
Half Arms $35 +
Full Arms $50 +
Lower Legs $40 +
Full Legs $60 +
Toes $10 +
Back $40 +
Stomach $25 +
Chest $25 +
Bikini Area $35 +
Brazilian Area $45 +

(+) = could be additional charges based on a larger area, more hair to remove.


We use the NOVA LASH brand.
Come on in to check out, our NOVA LASH certified experts. We use natural & glamorous eyelash extension as well as safe glue by NOVA LASH brand!
For Eyelash Extensions Appointment only.

Full Set Eyelash Extension $120 +
Full Set Eyelash Extension Volume $150 +
Re Fill Eyelash Extension Every Two Weeks $60 +